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There's An Income Crisis In America

Are You Retired? Or Getting Close?

Learn the “Secrets” Successful Retirees use to Live an Abundant Retirement Lifestyle and NEVER Worry about Running Out of Money

Look, there’s a million things you need to do to be prepared for Retirement…

Review Social Security benefits, retirement savings accounts, health insurance, wills and trusts. The list is exhaustive.


But the number one thing Successful Retirees always plan for is…



Think about it, where’s your paycheck going to come from for the next 30 years, when you are no longer getting a paycheck from a company?

It’s going to come from three main areas;

1) Social Security 2) Personal Savings & 3) Company Retirement Plans.

1) For most people, Social Security will make up approximately 60% of their income in retirement. But did you know that...

Your Social Security check is scheduled to be CUT by 23% by the year 2034?

That's right... In 16 years or less Social Security will only be able to pay out approxametly 77% of Your Benefits..! (Look on your statement, page 2)

Consider This Hypothetical Example...

If you're married and have a combined Social Security payment of $4000 per month...

You're paycheck could be cut to $3000 per month. 

Then, when one of you passes away, the survivor will be cut to $1500 per month. (Assuming you both have equal Social security payments)


How Will You Replace That Money?

2) Did you know that 7 out of 10 households live paycheck to paycheck? 90% of Americans couldn’t afford a $500 emergency without putting it on a credit card. 

The average American has five credit cards totaling approximately $25,000. Living on personal savings may be a difficult thing to do.


Do you have enough in savings accounts?

3) By and large, most people will rely on their Company Retirement Plan to make up for where Social Security and Personal Savings leave off. 

But how much can you afford to withdraw from your retirement accounts each month?


And, what if the market crashes... 10%... 20%... 30% or more? Can you just STOP taking withdrawals?


If the market dropped 25%, you would need a 34% return just to get back to EVEN...!


A 30% drop? You would need a 44% return to just break even..!


And a 50% drop...? You need a 100% return just to get your account balance back to it's beginning value.

Do You Want To Rely On Wall Street For Your Income?

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are; 

  •  How much Income do I need in retirement?
  •  Where is my Income coming from?
  •  How much Income can I take from my Retirement account each year?
  •  How can I avoid running out of Income when prices rise in the future? 
  •  How much risk can I take with my investments?
  •  What if the Market Suddenly Drops? Will I make it back?

Did you know that...

“The Number One Fear in Retirement is… Running Out Of Money. “

So, How Do Successful Retirees Answer Those Questions, and Live a Stress Free Abundant Retirement?

Simple… They have a Clear, Written, Formal Income Plan in place. 

A plan that strategically maps out where their income is going to come from over the next 30 years.

A plan designed to weather the ups and downs of the market.

A plan with a guaranteed income component.

A plan that is adjusted for inflation.

A plan designed to never run dry…


But most importantly, a plan designed to give you

Peace of Mind

Want to learn how to build a plan like that?

Request Your FREE copy of my “Income For Life Report”.

I’ll Teach You How To Build An Income For Life Plan. 


The exact same plan that has allowed retirees from all over the 

United States to... 

  •  Live the abundant retirement lifestyle of their dreams
  •  Eliminate the worry of running out of money
  •  Setup their investments to provide predictable Income
  •  Create a personal pension
  •  Keep pace with the rising cost of living

Don't Wait..!

Get your FREE copy today!


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