How to Get Tax Free Income in Retirement

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Hi Patrick here with Retirement Lifestyles advisory group where it’s all about having the health wealth and freedom to live your dream retirement. And today’s quick tip is all about… How to get tax free income in retirement

How would you like to get to retirement and pay no taxes on the income from your retirement plans? 

I’m not foolin… The Roth IRA is a favorite among savers who use it, and for good reason. Whether you’re 25 or 65, this retirement vehicle can offer major benefits and tax advantages.

You can still contribute the same amounts to a Roth IRA as a Traditional one, but the significant differences between the Roth and its traditional counterpart is when you pay taxes and how much money ultimately goes to Uncle Sam.

Financial planners routinely say younger people should invest in a Roth because they would benefit most from its many wonderful qualities. But the truth is, Roth IRAs are a good choice for people of all ages.

Here are three great reasons to consider the Roth IRA.

1)      You get tax-free income in retirement

With Roth IRAs, savers get a tax-free stream of income in retirement. And it's not just the contributions that come out tax-free. Uncle Sam doesn't lay a finger on any of the earnings or growth. That can make for a pretty sweet deal when you're talking about decades of your investments compounding.

The only catch is that you pay income tax on your contributions upfront.

Unlike the traditional IRA, which gives investors a tax deduction for the year the contribution is made, the Roth version lets savers contribute after-tax money today and withdraw principal and earnings tax-free later on. The roth lets you pay taxes on the seed instead of the harvest.

2)      No More RMD’s                                      

With a traditional IRA, when you turn seventy and a half years old, you’re forced to take RMD’s or required minimum distributions whether or not you need the money, and pay taxes on it. Depending on your other income amounts, you could potentially find yourself in a much higher tax bracket. Which means you pay higher taxes on all your income.

But, the Roth IRA has no required minimum distributions because you’ve already paid all the taxes. That means you can live to 120 without ever tapping your Roth IRA.

3)      Your heirs benefit

The hands-off approach the IRS takes with Roth IRAs is beneficial for your heirs as wellyou’re your plan is to leave behind an inheritance, how about leaving your beneficiaries a tax-free income that can be stretched over their entire lifetime.

**Let me give you an example. If you left a hundred thousand dollars to your 1 year old granddaughter and she only withdrew the minimum required by the IRS each year. That hundred thousand dollars would actually pay her over eight million dollars over her lifetime. And if it was a roth IRA… it would all be tax free.

Pretty cool huh? Thanks grandma!

Yes, the Roth IRA can be a really powerful planning tool.

But remember, all great Retirement Lifestyles begin with a plan. Do you have a plan, or just some ideas floating up inside your head? My dad always said, You can’t hit a target you can’t see. What you need is a written workbook that lays out all the steps to build the foundation for your successful retirement. Would you like to have a copy of that workbook?

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And I wish you the best in retirement!

** Hypothetical example, based on IRS life expectancy tables and 81.6 years of growth at 8% annual interest.

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