These will change your life!

When you take your car in to make sure it's running right, what do the machanics give you? A 25 point inspection. The same needs to be done with your finances. This checklist will outline the key areas you need to focus on to have a successful financial life.

When you come to the realization that your most powerful wealth building tool is your income, you'll understand that the number one thing holding you back from achieving your goals is debt. Use the debt snowball to help you gain control of your debt, so your debt no longer has control over you!

"The Journey of a Lifetime begins with a single step". If you've never really done a budget before, this is the form for you. No need to get too complicated right now, keep it short, simple and to the point. Use this form for a few months and then decide how much more detailed you want to be with your money.

Now that you've been doing a budget, it's time to go a little bit deeper. This is the form you will use on a monthly basis to assign your dollar bills a job. You're in control now, you're the boss, you tell your money where to go.  Make 12 copies of this and revisit it each month.

Patience is a virtue. In our fast paced, consume it now society, you don't hear the phrase "save up for it" anymore. Well, you'll hear it from us! Use this sheet to target what savings amounts you want, and then to track your progress as you get closer to your goals. Revisit it each month and see your balances grow. You'll gain a new respect for patience and the peace of mind it brings with it.

So you own some stuff. What's the value? How much debt is owed on it? When you minus those two numbers you get the equity... the true ownership value. You need to know the value of what you own.

Does your income change from week to week and month to month? Do you work on commission? We've got a sheet for that! 

So you've made the decision to talk to someone about your finances, but what questions do you ask? You need to understand how advisors get paid, after all you're hiring them. Are they working in your best interest, or just selling you something?

Retirement is so close you can smell it! Make sure you have everything lined up and ready to go before you're last day in office.

Are you gettin itchy? That feeling of... I'm about done, and ready to retire pretty soon? Don't make any rash decisions just yet. Download this checklist and make sure you're still on track. Then, start thinking of that glorious day in the future.

*These forms are used with permission from the Dave Ramsey group and Lampo Licensing, LLC. 

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